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Right To Be Hostile

So yeah,

I read the Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates #1  today and I gotta say. MARVEL, stop giving LOEB a book with more then 2 main characters! He just kills the whole vibe, his Hulk (Rulk) is utter crap and should have been retconned before it even began, Ultimates 3 was seen as the worst out of whole serie and Ultimatum's only saving grace was David Finch's awesome art.
The thing is, I know he can do better. Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow and Batman's Hush are great examples of his work. Give him one or two main characters, with a small cast to support them and he shines. But give him teams and well, you get his Ultimates.
Also I have no problem with him honouring his deceased son in his work, but for the love of god. PICK the RIGHT book, use a character driven piece, like Blue, use a character with some actual integrity, like Spider-Man. Don't make the reference in a book where your viewpoint is a bastard who is a chronic alchoholic and sleeps with more women than the people you killed off in Ultimatum.
Oh and btw, Frank Cho's art and the fold out were awesome.



I had a battle with ignorance today, ignorance won.

And on that note I make my 2nd LJ post, yay me. As for the surrreal thing, I stopped by the Mediamarkt (US people think Best Buy) to check out the new BluRays. These are located right across the isle from the porno section. As I was looking through the BluRays (actual movies, not the porn) two geriatrics walk in and start discussing which porn flick is better. They had to be at least 80, and I was forced to watch and listen in horrid fascination, I just couldnt look away. After they left two women next to me burst out in full blown laughter. So yeah surreal all the way today.



Yay I'm cool now right?

So I finally got this LiveJournal thingy going, all I need now are actual friends ;). Again yay me.
Doing this at 23.30 on the evening before my morning shift (on a sunday no less) isn't really the smartest thing to do. And now I am going to bed.

Goodnight to all my imaginary friends,

Justin out




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